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Offene Kultur in der digitalen Gesellschaft

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Open Access to Knowledge and Information

März 15, 20120

Universal access to information and knowledge lies UNESCO’s overall mandate to promote the free flow of information by word and by image and thus to place information and knowledge at the doorsteps of communities. UNESCO strives to forge an enabling…

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Free Culture

Januar 6, 20120

Freie Kultur – Wie die großen Medienunternehmen die Technologie und das Recht ausnutzen, um die Kultur wegzusperren und die Kreativität zu kontrollieren, ist ein Buch des Juraprofessors der Harvard Law School Lawrence Lessig aus dem Jahr 2004. Es wurde im…

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Open data, democracy and public sector reform.

März 15, 20110

Many arguments have been put forward to justify the release of government data transparency and accountability arguments; arguments that OGD can allow citizens greater control over public sector reform; economic benefit arguments and arguments that OGD can help develop a…

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Open Data, Open Society…

März 15, 20110

…a research project about openness of public data in EU local administration This report discusses the current and potential role, in a truly open society, of raw Public Sector Information (PSI) that is really open, that is fully accessible and…

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