Visualisierungen von Finanzdaten – Liste guter Beispiele weltweit

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Project Name – Geographical Scope: Sector
Africa Spending– Africa:Civil Society
Subsidies for the Bus Transportation System in Argentina– Argentina:Media
The Australian Financial Review’s Budget Explorer– Australia:Media
Stadt Bern Nettoausgaben Budget 2012– Austria:Civil Society Bosnia and Herzegovina:Civil Society
Cuidando do Meu Bairro (Caring for My Neighbourhood)– Brazil:Civil Society
Orçamento ao Seu Alcance– Brazil:Civil Society
Cameroon Budget Inquirer– Cameroon:Intergovernmental Organisation
Deconstructing the Hong Kong Budget– China:Media
Budget 2014: Where Did Your Tax Money Go?- Egypt:Civil Society
EU budget 2010– Europe:Media
EU Spending 2014– Europe:Civil Society
Visualisation of EU Funds Helps to Fight Corruption in the EU– Europe:Civil Society
Veropuu– Finland:Civil Society
Verokuitti– Finland:Civil Society France:Civil Society
PLF : des avions au bouclier fiscal, la java des amendements– France:Media
Offene Entwicklungshilfe– Germany:Civil Society
Offener Haushalt– Germany:Civil Society
Participatory Budgeting in Lichtenberg– Germany:Civil Society
Greece’s Debt Due: What Greece Owes When– Greece:Media
Greek Spending– Greece:Civil Society
Our Money- Hungary:Civil Society
Aid Data – Visualisations– International:Civil Society
Aid spending and aid received: does more aid mean more development?– International:Media
Climate Finance Landscape– International:Civil Society
Development Gateway – Data Visualisations– International:Civil Society
Economic Returns on Education– International:Civil Society
Health Care Spending in Selected Countries– International:Civil Society
How Much People Pay for Health Care Around the World- International:Civil Society
IATI– International:Civil Society
Mapping for Results– International:Intergovernmental Organisation
Military Spending– International:Civil Society
Money: A Chart of Almost All of It, Where It Is and What It Can Do– International:Civil Society
Open Spending– International:Civil Society– International:Research
Spending Stories– International:Civil Society
The Billion Dollar-o-Gram 2013– International:Civil Society
Transparency: Auditing the World Bank- International:Civil Society
Transparency: Which Countries Invest the Most in Alternative Energy?- International:Civil Society
Who donates aid – and who receives it?– International:Media
The Cost of Nation Re(Building)- Iraq:Civil Society
Budget Key– Israel:Civil Society
My Local Budget- Israel:Civil Society
The Price of Italian Politics: 5 Billion Euro Over 20 Years– Italy:Media
Visualising Italian Spending Data– Italy:Civil Society
Linked open data on public contracts– Italy:Civil Society
Subsidios al Campo en México– Mexico:Civil Society
Budget Stories– Moldova:Civil Society
Network of companies bidding for tenders for municipality of Utrecht 2006-2014– Netherlands:Civil Society
Network of Dutch public spending on IT services and software between 2012 and 2014– Netherlands:Civil Society
Total Health Spending Per Person– Netherlands:Civil Society
Fiscal avalanche in tax haven the Netherlands– Netherlands:Media
NBR’s Budget 2015 Visualisation (by Chewydata)– New Zealand:Civil Society
NZ Budget App– New Zealand:Government
BudgIT– Nigeria:Company
Budget Visualization– Philippines:Government
Bani pierduti? (Lost Money)– Romania:Civil Society– Russia:Civil Society
Leningrad Region– Russia:Civil Society
Moscow City Budget– Russia:Government Russia:Civil Society
How the Singapore Government is spending its dollars in 2015- Singapore:Media
Slovakia’s Municipal Budgets– Slovakia:Civil Society
Supervizor– Slovenia:Civil Society
¿Cuánto gasta e ingresa su ayuntamiento?– Spain:Media
Madrid City Council Budget 2009- Spain:Civil Society– Sweden:Government
203 millions de francs– Switzerland:Media
Canton of Berne- Switzerland:Civil Society
Canton of Berne, 2015 proposal- Switzerland:Civil Society
City of Berne- Switzerland:Civil Society
City of Winterthur- Switzerland:Civil Society
City of Zurich- Switzerland:Civil Society
Commune of Beringen- Switzerland:Civil Society
Commune of Brig-Glis– Switzerland:Civil Society
Commune of Eichberg SG- Switzerland:Civil Society
Crans-Montana, la station accro aux forfaitaires– Switzerland:Media
Uganda Aid Visualisation- Uganda:Civil Society
Champion of Tenders– Ukraine:Media
Balancing the budget – interactive guide– United Kingdom:Media
BBC spending: where does the licence fee go?– United Kingdom:Media
Budget 2011: The full list of measures and what they’re worth– United Kingdom:Media
Budget 2013: the government’s spending and income visualised– United Kingdom:Media
Budget 2014: the government’s spending and income visualised– United Kingdom:Media
Budget 2015 explained in 9 charts– United Kingdom:Media
Council spending on websites: find out how much they spent– United Kingdom:Media
Cuts, cuts, cuts: which government department will be hardest hit?– United Kingdom:Media
Deficit, national debt and government borrowing – how has it changed since 1946?– United Kingdom:Media
Government spending by department, 2010-11: get the data– United Kingdom:Media
Government spending over £25,000: download the data and help analyse it with our new app– United Kingdom:Media
Government spending over £25,000: Information is Beautiful on the bean counters– United Kingdom:Media
Information is beautiful Friday: the Billion Pound-O-Gram– United Kingdom:Media
Italy public spending: where does the money go?– United Kingdom:Media
London 2012: what’s the real price of the Olympic games? Visualised– United Kingdom:Media
MPs’ expenses: how we visualised the data– United Kingdom:Media
Pillars of Spending (The Times)- United Kingdom:Media
School spending: what do we know?– United Kingdom:Media
Scienceogram– United Kingdom:Civil Society
The tax gap: Information is Beautiful explains– United Kingdom:Media
UK aid: where does it go to and how has it changed since 1960?– United Kingdom:Media
UK Government Spending– United Kingdom:Government
UK public spending by government department, 2008/09– United Kingdom:Media
What do the rich give back to society?– United Kingdom:Media
Where Does My Money Go?- United Kingdom:Civil Society
Which is the real budget? How to find the real budget in the spending review– United Kingdom:Media
Whole of Government Accounts: the first findings– United Kingdom:Media
Government Interrogating Spending Tool- United Kingdom:Government
Data visualisation: How the UK stacks up in R&D– United Kingdom:Civil Society
Exploring government spending– United Kingdom:Media
Across U.S. Companies, Tax Rates Vary Greatly– United States:Media
All Together Now: Which Government Functions Tend to Get Funded or Defunded Together– United States:Civil Society
Budget Climb– United States:Civil Society
budgetMontgomery– United States:Government
Bullhead City – OpenGov- United States:Government
Can’t Touch This– United States:Media
CheckBookNYC– United States:Government
City of Boston’s Open Budget application– United States:Government
City of Fort Lauderdale – OpenGov– United States:Government
City of Hickory’s Open Data initiative– United States:Government
City of Los Angeles- United States:Government
City of New Haven – OpenGov- United States:Government
City of Palo Alto – OpenGov– United States:Government
Death and Taxes– United States:Civil Society
Death and Taxes 2016– United States:Civil Society
Debtris US– United States:Civil Society
Every Day Is Tax Day– United States:Civil Society– United States:Civil Society
Fiscal Chart of the United States- United States:Government
Four Ways to Slice Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal– United States:Media
Funding the Final Frontier- United States:Civil Society
How would you balance the state budget and fund education?– United States:Media
I Like Taxes, They Buy Things– United States:Civil Society
Infographic: Grenade or Aid? Infographic: U.S. Military Spending Versus Foreign Aid- United States:Civil Society
Infographic: How Much Does the Government Pay to Keep Its Secrets?- United States:Civil Society
Infographic: How Outsourcing Government Work Fattens the Federal Budget- United States:Civil Society
LA City Controller Data– United States:Government
NYT Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget– United States:Media
Obama’s 2012 Budget Proposal: How $3.7 Trillion Is Spent– United States:Media
Ohio Checkbook– United States:Government
Open Budget: Oakland– United States:Civil Society– United States:Government
Payday California– United States:Media
Per capita police spending in U.S. cities– United States:Civil Society
Presidential Costs- United States:Civil Society
Public Signals– United States:Civil Society
School District of Philadelphia Budget– United States:Civil Society
spendingMontgomery– United States:Government
Texas Transparency– United States:Government
The Black Budget– United States:Media
The Fed’s Secret Liquidity Lifelines– United States:Media
The Systematic City- United States:Civil Society
Town of Erie Open Budget Application– United States:Government
Transparency: How Education Spending Affects Graduation Rates- United States:Civil Society
Transparency: The Future of NASA- United States:Civil Society
U.S. Budget Map – GovMapper- United States:Civil Society
US Budget Spending– United States:Civil Society
US Federal Contract Spending in 2009 vs. Agency Related Media Coverage– United States:Civil Society– United States:Government– United States:Civil Society
Visualize Your Taxes– United States:Civil Society
Visualizing Your Tax Dollars– United States:Civil Society
What You Pay For– United States:Civil Society
Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?- United States:Civil Society
Window on State Government– United States:Government
You Make Your Budget- United States:Civil Society
2013 Federal Budget– United States:Civil Society
Obama’s 2011 Budget Proposal: How It’s Spent– United States:Media
Pulling Up the Higher-Ed Ladder– United States:Civil Society

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