UNIDO’s Open Data Plattform

von | 26. Februar 2016 | Blog, Open Data, Organisationen

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is committed to openness and transparency of its programmes and projects. The Organization recognizes that there is a positive correlation between transparency, including information sharing, and public trust in UNIDO’s activities.

The Open Data Platform (open.unido.org) is premised on UNIDO’s commitment to transparency. It displays an overview and interactive world map clustered by region and country, and presents detailed information on programmes and projects, such as financial data, project outcomes and outputs, timelines, project managers, gender-equality information, and more. The information is complemented by project documents and other related material, as well as statistical information on the country and donor. A glossary provides explanations of the key terminologies used. The Open Data Platform is accessible from UNIDO’s public website (www.unido.org) and linked to the Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) Operation Platform (isid.unido.org).

The scope, quantity, and quality of the information on the Open Data Platform will be improved and extended on a continuous basis, in keeping with UNIDO’s commitment to quality and best practices. Certain programme and project information, however, will not be made available to the general public to preserve individual privacy; legal privilege; contractual, proprietary, or commercial non-public information; and internal governance matters.

UNIDO’s Open Data Platform displays all ongoing programmes and projects, and some operationally completed projects with financial movements in the current year. It is to be noted that even if a project had been operationally completed in prior years, it might still require financial adjustments in the current year. For accounting reconciliation purposes, these cases are included and displayed.

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