Opening government report

von | 24. August 2012 | Blog

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To help inform governments, civil society and the private sector in ndeveloping their Open Government Partnership commitments, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI) reached out to leading experts across a wide range of open government fields to gather their input on current best practice and the practical steps that OGP participants and other governments can take to achieve it. The result is the first document of its kind to compile the state of the art in transparency, accountability and citizen participation across 20 areas of governance, ranging from broad categories such as access to information, service delivery and budgeting to more specific sectors such as forestry, procurement and climate finance. Each expert’s contribution is organized according to three tiers of potential commitments around open government for any given sector—minimal steps for countries starting from a relatively low baseline, more substantial steps for countries that have already made moderate progress, and most ambitious steps for countries that are advanced performers on open government.

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